Market Inn Acoustic Open Mic, Wednesday 5th December

Open Mic 5th December…

His name was Mark
He was a Farmer
With big hands to play guitar
And a choral repertoire

The Yatton ladies
Will do the Cha Cha
And while we all try to be stars
George he always tends the bar

Across the crowded floor
They played from 8 ’till 4
We’ve got a cajon
We’ve got some guitars
Who could ask for more?

At the Market
Open Mic Night
Where they never can get
The sound quite right
At the Market
Open Mic Night

Music and passion
Are always in fashion
At The Market
Open Mic Night

At The Market
Open Mic!

The usual fun and frolics at the Market Open Mic on Wed 3rd December. With a little bit of early Christmas magic.

Come and get some early Xmas cheer at the Market Inn Open Mic! From 8pm.

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